Brainobrain is an advanced whole brain and personality development programme designed to build a child’s mental math skills by using an abacus and embracing the VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) method of teaching. This program is intended for the children between the ages 4-14 to make use of both the right and left side of the brain.

Students’ confidence, self-esteem and behaviour improve tremendously with the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) skills they achieve from Brainobrain. Children love Brainobrain classes because they are exciting and engaging; they feel confident and energised after each session. Results have shown that children who follow the Brainobrian technique not only see huge improvement in their academic values but also in personal values and attitudes.


The Main objective of Abacus Learning is to train the kid’s mind, during the brain’s formative stages and hence help kids to attain whole brain development in a natural and stress free manner. It is said that the human brain undergoes 85% of its development, during the age of 5 – 14 years. The Chinese counting tool “Abacus” gets three senses involved while kids use it – Seeing, Hearing and Doing – all simultaneously. After 3 Months, when the kids are comfortable calculating numbers using abacus, it is taken away from them and they are taught to imagine the abacus in their mind and do the calculation by moving the beads, in the visual abacus, developed in their mind. Kids learn to pay attention to their inner mind and practice to increase the inner clarity, with the picture of beads. When they practice using their visual abacus in mind, imagination is at work, which is said to be right brain’s function. Combined with this, when they use the rhymes, in this Advanced Syllabus, their left brain is also put to use and when they do it, regularly for 15 minutes daily, it serves as a very good exercise for the brain and brings out the potential within the child.

Foremost are the skills of visualization and concentration, which are followed by listening skills, self confidence, sharp memory, speed, accuracy, decision making and hence all round proficiency.

Brainobrain Abacus creates powerful sensory stimuli improving the cognitive performance and the synapses formation – connections between brain cells which are responsible for communication by neurotransmitters.

Brainobrain’s Neurobics ensure efficient brain connections across the neural pathways like laterality, focus and centering dimensions. It kindles learning, vision, memory, movement abilities, behaviour, attention, expression, academic performance etc.

One striking feature of this course is that even a grade one child will start to out beat calculators or computers in just six months after joining the 30 month course. The complete program has ten levels, each level being covered in three months


  • Enables your child to use both the left and right brain hemispheres, ensuring whole brain development and proper mental formation.
  • Enables your child specialize in arithmetic, visual and numerical skills.
  • Develops your child’s concentration, memory, imagination, listening skills, learning ability, visualization, confidence, decision making, creativity, thinking skills, leadership qualities, communication skills, speed, accuracy etc.,
  • Empowers your child to express using the right word, attain a powerful vocabulary, become a conversation savvy, confident in language and thereby a better personality.
  • Motivates your child to pool his talents and perform at his best individually and as a team player. It nurtures values like trust, co-operation, morale, problem solving skills etc. The oneness as well as the diversity is cherished.
  • Educates your child about role models and support them in modeling.
  • Brings out your child’s hidden potential like creative thinking, imagination etc., It enriches motor, language, cognitive skills ensuring his mental fitness
Brainobrain is one of the world’s leading children institute for self empowerment

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